Bungee Jumping at Hrishikesh: Here’s everything you should know

If you are looking for some adventurous activities, Bungee Jumping at Hrishikesh should be on top of your list. Bungee Jumping at Hrishikesh is 83m height is the highest jump available in India.

The article provides every details of the Bungee Jumping

Booking: If you plan to just hop on and do bungee jumping, you would be disappointed as it requires Prior booking. Please book online through Jumpin Heights

Charges: The charges as of May 2018 is INR 3550. This is inclusive of tax. Apart from this, You would need to pay 100 INR as a part of entry fee. In addition, if you like to have your jump recorded, they charge INR 750 more.

In addition to the above charges, you would also need to spend to reach the place(Mohan Chatti) where Bungee jumping is done. Jumpin Heights has transportation at regular intervals. You would be charged INR 300 for to and fro travel.

In summary, Bungee jumping costs INR 4700. But the jump is totally worth the money.

Location and Transportation: Location of Bungee Jumping is located around 25kms from Hrishikesh. There are 2 options to reach the location. You can avail the transportation facility provided by Jumpin Heights for which they charge 300 INR. However, the major set back is the time. They have scheduled buses every hour or two. In case, you have other plans, you will be forced to abide their timelines.

The second option is to hire local taxi for which the charges would be lesser or equal to 300. You can also avail the services of bike on rent if you have a long day of roaming.

Safety: Jumping at Hrishikesh is one of the safest jump available. There are enough precautions taken and the trainers here are certified trainers from New Zealand.

 Restrictions: The jump is restricted for age group of 12 to 45. It is also restricted for the ones having high blood pressure, back  problem or any bone related problem. If you are suffering from Asthama you are again not allowed.

Holiday: Jumpin Heights is closed on Tuesday. So make sure you plan accordingly.

Other Activities: Apart from Bungee jumping, you can also try Flying Fox and Gaint swing.