Hebbe waterfalls

Hebbe Waterfalls: A Hidden Gem in Chikkamagaluru


Hebbe Waterfalls: A Hidden Gem

It was sudden plan as we were looking for much needed break. We were looking out for places to visit and we found one i.e. Hebbe WaterFalls. It’s a hidden gem in coffee estates of Chikkamagaluru. A must visit waterfalls if you are a nature addict and love to explore places.

About Hebbe Waterfalls:

Hebbe Waterfalls is located about 10 kms from the famous hill station Kemmangundi in Karnataka. It can be reached by walk and Forest Jeeps. The waterfalls is inside a coffee estate. Hebbe Waterfalls gushes down from a height of 551 feet in two stages i.e. Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls.) It can be reached by walk and Forest Jeeps. The best option to reach waterfalls is by taking a government approved forest jeep which passes through forest and private estates. The last kilometer needs to be trekked / walked in order to reach the falls.


Details of Hebbe Waterfalls:
  • Distance : 10 kms from Kemmangundi Hill Station
  • Difficulty Level: Easy (Aged Person / Children can visit)
  • Ideal time to Visit: July to December
  • Best way to Reach: Forest Jeep and last kilometer trek (Kind of walk)

Reaching Hebbe Waterfalls:

It is located at Kemmangundi Hill Station,

  1. Own Transport – One can drive / book vehicle and travel till Kemmangundi Forest CheckPost via Birur located in Kadur Taluk. It is 5/6 hours drive from Bangalore.
  2. By Bus – One has to take bus from Bangalore – Chikmagaluru or Mangalore – Shivmogga (around 6 hours) and hire a local jeep / take local transport to reach Kemmangundi
  3. By Train – One can take train till Birur Junction near Shivmogga and hire a local jeep / take local transport to reach Kemmangundi
  4. By Air – Nearest airports are Bangalore and Mangalore.



Entry Fee:

Forest Jeep charges around 1500 – 2000 which can accommodate around 8 people at once.

 Nearest Place to Stay:

One can stay at Kadur which has decent accommodation or Chikmagalore is also a beautiful option if you are looking for city and attractions to visit nearby.

Our Experience:
Bangalore to Hebbe waterfalls:

It was an amazing and memorable experience visiting one of the beautiful waterfalls located in Karnataka.

We planned the trip by ourselves and drove our vehicle to visit Hebbe waterfalls in a day. It took around 6 hours for us to reach Kemmangundi from Bangalore.  We hired forest jeep to visit falls who took us till last drive point (around 9 kms and 30-45 mins drive). We had to trek / walk the last 1 km which passes through small streams giving us an amazing feel.


The waterfalls true to its word is an amazing and hidden gem which is must visit for everyone. We spent some time in the falls and water was so fresh and was freezing cold.

We reached back Jeep point and then drove back to Bangalore on same day. It was very hectic and made us very tired as we traveled around 13 kms by road.


Other Places to Visit:

Kemmangundi View Point (2 kms from CheckPost), Chikmagaluru city which has plenty places to visit (Need at least 3 days) etc.

Suggestions when visiting Hebbe Waterfalls:
  • It is better to pack you lunch / carry enough eatables (chocolates, dry fruits etc) as you won’t get anything to eat nor drink. You have one at Kemmangundi but it won’t be open always. You have to travel back long distance to get good hotel.
  • Umbrella / Rain Coats are necessary in rainy seasons.
  • Carry salt / dettol / lighters etc to avoid leeches.
  • Can plan your visit with organizers or plan for 2 days so it won’t make you feel tired or hectic.
  • Best Time to Visit : During / After Monsoon
  • Jeep Charges: Around 2000, Guide Not Required.
Sunset from Kodachadri peak

Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri : The Jasmine of Hills

It was a long pending plan and a must in bucket list to trek Kodachadri before we made plan for ourselves to experience the beauty of Kodachadri. It was a lifetime experience to trek one of the most beautiful places one can witness. Kodachadri is undoubtedly one of the must trekking places in Karnataka.

About Kodachadri :

Kodachadri  is a mountain peak with dense forests located at Shivamogga District, Karnataka. It is 10th highest peak (1343 mts above sea level) and 3rd most intense trek in Karnataka.  It is also known by name  “Kutachadri” and “Kodashi Parvatha”.

Details of Kodachadri Trek:
  • Distance : 24 kms both ways
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Time Taken: 4 to 5 hours (1 way)
  • Ideal time to Visit: July to December
  • Suggested Age group: 7 to 40
Reaching Kodachadri:

Kodachadri is located between Shivamogga and Kolluru,

    1. By Air: Mangaluru airport is the nearest airport. One has to travel to Kolluru by road or by rail(not so frequent)
    2. By Train: The nearest railway station is Byndoor (BYNR ) is 28kms from Kollur and from here one has to reach the any of the 3 trekking options mentioned below.
    3. By Bus – One has to take bus from Shivamogga (around 3 hours) or Kolluru (1 hour) and hire a local jeep to reach base camp. There are direct buses from Bangalore to Sampekatte, Nittur and Kollur.
    4. Own Transport: Travelling by own transport should be a good option if you find a place to stay where you can park your vehicles.

There are 3 routes to reach the Kodachadri peak.

  1. SampeKatte – One has to get down at Sampekatte located around 10 kms from Base Camp and hire a local jeep till Forest Check Post.

Options : Can trek or go by jeep to peak. Get to see Hidlumane Falls, if by trek.

  1.  Nagode – Get down at Kolluru Wildlife Sanctuary (Base Camp) and trek
  2. Nittur: One can get down at Nittur and start trekking. Jeeps are also available from this point and they go via Sampekatte. This route joins the option 1 of via Sampekatte at Hidlumane.

Entry Fee:

There is an entry fee of Rs. 25 per head which needs to be paid at Forest Check Post.

 Guide Required? 

Yes, if you are taking the option 1 or 3 .

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Our Experience:

Bangalore to Kodachadri:

We traveled from Bangalore to Sampekatte by  Bus which is around 10 hours journey, and from Sampekatte we were picked by homestay guy. We reached homestay by 7 in the morning.  Luckily we reached as planned which provided us the ample of time to refresh ourselves and finish our breakfast.

Day 1:

Reaching the Kodachadri Peak:

We chose SampeKatte route as we get to see Hidlumane Falls. We were accompanied by guide which is a must to trek safe. (Homestay helped us to find 1). The trek can be divided into 3 parts.

  1. Trek To Hidlumane Falls:  As we started from the Sampekatte, the trail was pretty easy. It was actually the jeep route to Kodachadri.  After walking a KM or more, we had to deviate from the jeep route to enter into the thick forest of Mookambika forest reserve.  The trek suddenly got interesting as we started to explore the forest with considerable amount of ascend. After walking for around 3 Kms from the deviation, we reached Hidlumane.

    Hidlumane is the last house and there is a small shop located. We had buttermilk and started our journey to the most awaiting destination Hidlumane falls. Soon, the trail provided us the view of the paddy field with the mountain as the background. After walking for 15 to 20 minutes, we started witnessing a series of falls and trekking through the falls alongside was a totally different experience. The final falls was the Hidlumane falls which was falling from a height of around 50 Ft. Taking a dip in the falls, we continued our trek to the Kodachadri.

    Hidlumane Falls
    Hidlumane Falls

      2. Trek to Peak:

We had ample amount of time to reach and peak. Path was slightly slippery at few places and very steep at few places. The view of mountains makes you overcome your tiredness and provides refreshing and unique experience with breathtaking views and paths. We find it difficult to explain the beauty of nature.

Trail after Hidlumane Falls
Trail after Hidlumane Falls


It took around 3 hours to reach the Jeep Point (2 kms away from peak) where we had our lunch and gave ourselves some time before moving further.

There is a PWD house which can be booked though online which we explored but after seeing the PWD house, we felt happier for not able to get accommodation here.

PWD house
PWD house

There is a temple of Mookambika devi here.

Mookambika temple near Kodachadri
Mookambika temple near Kodachadri

We started to peak and it took us around 50 mins to reach to point while travelling through breathtaking views and paths covered with clouds and sun rays peeking through it.

They say kodachadri is the peak one can witness beautiful sunset and true to its word we were blessed enough to witness 1 on the day. It is a memorable experience that we find difficult to put our emotions through words.

      3. Reach Base Camp:

It was dark and our guide / homestay had booked jeep for us to reach base camp. It took us 1 hour to reach homestay which was around 12 kms from peak and road was in very bad condition. One has the option to walk back by jeep route too. We opted to take a jeep ride as we wanted to witness the beautiful sunset and it was pretty late to walk back.

Temples at Kodachadri:
  1. Sarvajna peetha –

It is a is a small temple at the peak where Adi Shankara Acharya meditated. This small structure bears a name which is similar to Sarvajñapīṭha, also called Sharada Peetha of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sarvajna peetha at kodachadri peak
Sarvajna peetha at kodachadri peak
  1. Sri Mookambika Devi temple –

It is located near travellers’ bungalow and is believed to be the origin of Sri Mookambika Devi.

Day 2:

  1. Visit to near by places.

We booked a jeep to visit near by places and thanks to homestay guy for suggesting beautiful places nearby.

Sharavathi Back waters / The Hanging Bridge:

It is located around 10 kms from Sampekatte and provides you space to spend some good time. Boat rides are available and you can get 1 if you are lucky enough.

Hanging bridge near Sharavathi backwaters
Hanging bridge near Sharavathi backwaters

Kolluru Mookambika Temple:

One of the oldest pilgrimage temples located in Karnataka. We were lucky enough to get ample time to visit and spend some good time at temple.

Kolluru Mookambika temple
Kolluru Mookambika temple

We had booked Durgamba bus from kolluru to Bangalore and reached back Bangalore which completed our one of the most memorable trips /treks.

Other Places to Visit:

Nagara Fort (Located 6 kms from Sampekatte), Udupi, Jog Falls etc.

Suggestions to Trek to Kodachadri:
  • It is better to trek via Sampekatte or Nittur as you get to see Hidlumane falls.
  • Trekking shoes and trekking pole provides you good support, so make sure you wear good trekking shoes.
  • Carry enough eatables (chocolates, dry fruits etc) and water.
  • Carry salt / dettol / lighters etc to avoid leeches because Kodachadri is home to leeches
  • Can plan your trek with organizers. There would not be much difference in the cost.
  • Best Time to Visit is during winter. if you want too much of adventure you can opt for Monsoon trek as well whcih is surely an amazing experience.
  • Jeep Charges : 2000, Guide Charges : Depends on season or contact you get.

Thanks to Akshaya Home Stay and Guide who made our trek a memorable one.

Lord Gomateshwara at Shravanabelagola

Mahamastakabhisheka at ShravanaBelagola

Shravanabelagola, located at a distance of 143 KMS from the capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru is famous for hosting the tall statue of the Lord Gomateshwara popularly called as Bahubali. Mahamastakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola to the Lord Bahubali revered mainly by Jains is an event that occurs once in 12 years.

About Lord Bahubali:

Lord Bahubali is the first Thirtankara who achieved the salvation. Commonly called as Gommateshwara, he meditated motionless for a year in the standing position. He was born to Rishabhanatha and Sunanda in the Ishvaku dynasty, Having fought with his brother, he felt disgusted and renounced all his powers and also became Digambara(leave all his clothes) and went on to meditating standing for one year.

History of Mahamastakabhisheka at ShravanaBelagola:

The statue of Lord Gomateshwara was built in Shravanabelagola around 981 AD. And the procedure of Mahamstakabhisheka is said to be started in the same year. Thus, the largest festival of the Jain community started more than 1000 years back. Millions of people around the world gather here to witness the festival. The festival is celebrated every 12th year. The Mahamastakabhisheka ended on July 29th 2018 after an extension of months. The festival was supposed to end on 25th February. This is the 88th Mahamastabhisehka performed at Shravanabelagola.

About Mahamastakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola:

Mahamastakabhisheka as the name suggests is the grand festival of anointment of libations to the lord Bahubali. It involves smearing of the Lord Bahubali idol by the contents of 1008 pots carried by the devotees. There are in total of 21 types of Abhishekas done. Below is the list of few of the common types of Abhisheka.

  1. Jalabhisheka ( Anointment of water)

    Jala Abhisheka at shravanabelagola
    Jala Abhisheka at shravanabelagola
  2. Ksheerabhisheka ( Anointment of milk)

    Ksheera Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Ksheera Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola
  3. Rice flour

    Rice flour Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Rice flour Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola
  4. Haldi Abhisheka (Anointment of turmeric powder)
    Haldi Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Haldi Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola

    Haldi Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Haldi Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola
  5. Sugarcane Abhisheka

    Sugarcane Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Sugarcane Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola
  6. Kesar Abhisheka ( Anointment of Sandalwood paste)

    Kesar Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Kesar Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola
  7. Pushpabhisheka ( Anointment of Flowers)

    Pushpa Abhisheka during Mahamstabhisheka at shravanabelgola
    Pushpa Abhisheka during Mahamstakabhisheka at shravanabelgola
Missed Mahamastakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola?

Feeling sad for missing out on the biggest festival? No worries. Though you need to another 12 years to witness the festival, attend the Mahamastakabhieskha in Dharmsathala in 2019.

How to Reach Shravanabelagola?

Shravanabelagola is around 147 KMS from the capital city of Karnataka. The place is well connected.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Shravanabelagola is the Bangalore International airport. From Bangalore Airport, you can hire a cab to Shravanabelagola which is roughly 200 KMS. You can also reach the Bangalore bus stand or city railway station from where there are good number of buses and trains.

By Train:

There are around 5 trains from Bangalore Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna station and Yeshwantpur railway station.

By Bus:

Buses directly to Shravanabelagola are less in number. However, you can catch the Hassan bus and get down at Hirisave from where Shravanabelagola is just 18 KMS. From Hirisave, there are enough local connectivity and also buses. From Shravanabelagola bus stand, the temple is clearly visible and walkable.

By Own transport:

Travelling through the own transport is one of the best option. Travel in the Bangalore – Mangalore Highway and take a deviation to the left at Hirisave.

Dosa making at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road

Davanagere Benne Dose : Kanankpura road

After completing a one-day trip to Mekedaatu and Chunchi falls, we were damn hungry. As we had crossed Kanakpura, we struggled to find any hotels which could provide us an evening snack. Having lost of all the hopes and almost decided to fill our tummy in Bangalore, we luckily found the Davanagere Benne Dose on the Kanakpura road.

Located next to Venkatadri Kalyan mantap, we almost missed noticing it as the hotel is covered by the trees on the road. Thanks to my co-passenger who noticed and all were extremely happy to find something to eat.

Davanagere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road
Davanagere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road

We parked our car and headed to the hotel and only to hear Dose are out of stock. Extremely disappointed, we ask for the available options and could get the Bonda. Without much option but to fill our stomach, we took 2 plates of Bonda. We informed the cashier that if at all there is a chance of getting Dose, keep us in priority.

We started eating the Bonda cursing our luck for not getting the Dose but soon the taste of Bonda made us forget that we did miss Dose. Before we finished the Bonda, we heard the Dose Maker screaming ‘5 more Dose possible’. The cashier immediately searched for us and we made no delay in rushing to the cashier and get 5 Davangere Benne Dose.

Dosa making at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road
Dosa making at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road

We felt overwhelmed as we were finally getting what we desired. Within minutes, the freshly prepared Dose was ready on our table. As we took the first bite, our taste buds got activated. The Dose was delicious. The Butter could have been tad higher but the tasty Masala and the Aloo Palya in the Dose made an impact sidelining the negative point of less Butter or Benne. As we savored the taste of Masala Dose, we looked at the writings which did attract us.

Kannada Sayings at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road
Kannada Sayings at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road
Kannada Sayings at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road
Kannada Sayings at Davangere Benne Dose on Kanakpura road

We Enjoyed the Dose along with reading the above sayings. There was one more saying In English but unfortunately we couldn’t capture it. As we filled our tummy, we came back to Bangalore rejoicing the Dose and also the sayings. We have decided to visit the hotel again exclusively for this purpose. We hope to reach there again.

The hotel opens at 7 in the morning. If you are travelling on Kanakapura road, drop a visit here to have your breakfast.