Bengaluru’s famous festival : Kadlekai Parishe

Avoid taking the bull temple road for couple of days because the famous kadlekai parishe is back but then park you vehicle a kilometer away and witness the beauty of Kadlekai parishe

What is Kadlekai Parishe?

Kadlekai refers to the groundnut, yes the same groundnut which you use for your daily food. And, Parishe refers to the fair. So, Kadlekai refers to the groundnut fair. The festival happens every year near the Doddabasavana gudi (big bull temple road). The festival starts from Monday i.e. 03rd December and spans for over 2 days. However, as a part of preparation, the vendors reach here 2 days before.

What is so Special about KadleKai Parishe?

Kadlekai Parishe is indeed special. During one’s visit to the festival, one gets the chance to witness the Bengaluru’s tradition. One would get to see the charm of old age Bangalore.

You will also get to taste the different varieties of Kadlekai : Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Kolar, Doddaballapur, Ramanagara to name a few. Farmers from the nearby villages including the neighour states of AndhraPradesh and Tamilnadu come here to celebrate the festival.

When is KadleKai Parishe in 2018?

The festival starts from Dec 3 and ends on Dec 4th. The festival is celebrated on last monday of Karthika Maasa( month) according to Hindu calendar

The Legend Behind Kadlekai Parishe

The inception of the festival dates back to the year 1537. Back then, the place Basavanagudi was surrounded by places where the groundnut was grown in abundance. But, what surprised the farmers was that on every full moon day the groundnut would be devoured. One farmer,decided to investigate the reason behind this and kept himself awake on the Karthika masa(month) full moon day. And to his surprise, he found a bull being the reason behind it.

Few days after this, the farmers found an idol resembling ‘basava’ near to the present Basavanagudi. The idol surfaced out of the earth and was observed to be growing very rapidly. The farmers nailed an iron peg on the head of the Basava idol. The nail is visible in the form of a trishula even today. The farmers decided to pray to the Nandi (bull) to stop the devouring of their crops. Since then, the farmers collectively decided to dedicate their first corp to the Nandi(bull) and the practice has been followed till today and celebrated in the form of Kaldekai Parishe festival in Bangalore.

Other Attractions:

Though the name suggests Kadlekai Parishe, one can also find food ranging from masala papad to masala dose

There are shops selling other items such as bangales, toys etc. In short, the festival has now become a mini exhibition with Kadlekai as the center of attraction.

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