Hidlumane Falls

Hidlumane falls, located in the Mookambika reserve forest in the shivamogga district is one of the famous waterfalls in Karnataka.

Details of the Hidlumane Falls:

Hidlumane falls is not just one waterfall but a series of cascading waterfalls. Each waterfall is a beauty in its own. Each waterfall is hidden from the cascading fall. The last hidlumane falls gives an enthralling experience to the visitor and to get under this waterfall which is falling from 40 to 50 ft is a totally an experience you cherish for the rest of your life.

How To Reach Hidlumane Falls

Hidlumane falls is secluded in the western ghats and there is no easy way to reach here than trekking.

Trek to Hidlumane Falls

Trekking to hidlumane waterfalls is a wonderful experience for all the adventureres . The trail starts from two places : Nittur and Sampekatte.

Total distance of the trek : 4 KMS(one way)

Time taken : 2 hours (one way)

Entry fee: 25 RS per head

Details of trek to Hidlumane Falls

The trek trail starts from sampekatte with a normal mud road on which all the jeeps go to Kodachadri . After around 1.5kms from Sampekatte , there is a deviation from the Jeep road to the right. But, one has to walk a few meters in the direction of Jeep road , pay the forest fees and come back.

Jeep Route From Sampekatte to Hildumanen falls
Jeep Route From Sampekatte to Hildumane falls

As one deviates from the Jeep track, there is a small stream of water that needs to be crossed . Crossing this stream of water is quite challenging during the monsoon. After crossing the stream of water, one has to trek through the jungles with a considerable ascend. The trek through this part is quite enthralling as you explore into the deep forest .

Trek in the forest to Hidlumane falls
Trek in the forest to Hidlumane falls

After nearly an hour of trek, you will reach a flat surface where plenty of paddy crops are grown and a small house awaits you in the backdrop of the mountains. The house is the hidlumane. Mane stands for home in Kannada. There is a small shop run by the hidlumane family where one can buy biscuits, chocolates etc. One can also taste the buttermilk which rejuvenates you after the trek.


This is also the place where the trek from the Nittur route joins . From this distance , hidlumane is hardly 30 minutes of trek . One would start feeling awarded as he sees the first waterfall but after proceeding the trek for 5 more minutes , Hidlumane falls would sure to make the trekker spellbound.

It is quite common that the trekkers continue to trek to Kodachadri after completing the Hidlumane falls. One has to trek through 8 Kms to reach Kodachadri from the falls. We trekked till Kodachadri and you can read about the details here.

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