Mekedaatu – A good place for a weekend Visit.

Mekedaatu located at a distance of 95KMS from Bangalore qualifies for a weekend getaway places near Bangalore. Located in Kanakpura, one has to take NH209 to reach the place. Meke refers to the goat and daatu refers to the crossing.

As per the legends, a tiger was attacking the Meke(Goat). In an attempt to save its life, goat leaped from one side of the rock to the other side. The width here is too much and not possible for an ordinary goat to jump. It is said that Lord Shiva helped the goat to take a big leap and since then the place is called as Mekedaatu. The scene was witnessed by the local herdsmen.

Reaching Mekedaatu:

Reaching by own transport to Mekedaatu from Bangalore is one of the best option available. Although there are buses from Bangalore and Mandya, the frequency is not good.

To reach Mekedaatu, one has to reach the Sangama(a word used for confluence) of River Cauvery(Kaveri) and Arakavati. Head on the NH209 till you reach Kanakpura. Just after crossing Kanakpura, take a left at the Y-section. You can find board stating 26 Kms to Sangama.

The path from here gets beautiful. The single-lane road is covered by the tress on both the sides giving you a very good view of the road. As you proceed further, the thick forest is a beauty to watch.

Road that leads to Mekedaatu
Road that leads to Mekedaatu

You can take a break here and capture few pictures with the thick forest in the background. One needs to walk a little but it is totally worth the walk. Proceed towards the Sangama. There is a plenty of place for parking.

Details of the Mekedaatu:

As you reach Sanagama, spend sometime at the Sanagama (the confluence of river Cauvery and Arakavati). Take extra precaution as there are many whirlpools in this region especially during monsoon.

View of the sanagama near Mekedaatu
View of the sanagama near Mekedaatu

After spending sometime in the Sangama, you can head towards Mekedaatu. To reach Mekedaatu, there are regular buses from here organized by local travels. The charges are INR 60 per head for two-way journey. Mekedaatu is around 6 KMS from Sangama. Earlier, it was allowed to walk but now it is forbidden. The road from here is too bad and taking your vehicle isn’t allowed. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to reach Mekedattu

Road from Sanagama to Mekedaatu
Road from Sanagama to Mekedaatu

As you get down from the bus, you need to descend to reach the Mekedaatu. There are steep steps for nearly the half the distance and then you have to climb the big rocks to get the view of Mekedaatu. As you climb, the view of the water flowing between the two thick rocks is called Mekedaatu, place where meke(goat) took a leap. Needless to say, capture few pictures before you head to the top.


Take extra precaution while climbing back to the bus stop as the big rocks get slippery especially during rainy season. You might have to wait for the bus as there are minimum number of buses which keep travelling between Sangama and Mekedaatu. There is a small shop here for refreshments. You get water and cold drinks but nothing else.

Reach back to Sangama and visit Chunchi falls which is around 10Kms from the Sangama.


  • Reach early to the Sanagama. You can spend sometime at the Sanagama as the traffic gets more as the day progress.
  • Have your breakfast at Kanakpura. We had breakfast at Hotel Vasu In Kanakpura. If not here, have food at Mayura hotel near the Sangama.
  • Avoid getting deep into the Sangama water as there are whirlpools.
  • Try Davangere Benne Dose while coming back to Bangalore