Chunchi falls

Chunchi falls located near Kanakpura at a distance of around 90Kms from Bangalore is one of the must visit places around Bangalore. Nestled between the amazing rocks and the Arkavati river, Chunchi falls makes a perfect plan for one-day trip near Bangalore. Add a visit to Mekedaatu along with this, you sure to end the day as one of the most fruitful one-day trip.

Chunchi falls offers a great scenic settings and the panoramic view of the thick forest and the rocky valleys is a treat to watch. The forest is so thick it is sure to make you spellbound. Not just the beautiful view of the falls, the path that leads to the destination is even more spectacular. Trees on both the sides of single-lane road forming a canopy is surely one of the best road trips to enjoy to the nature. If you are visiting the place during monsoon, the fauna adds to the beauty of the road and your eyes would be surely delighted.

How to Reach Chunchi Falls:

Chunchi falls is located in the remote village in Kanakpura. There is no public transport facility. Hence travelling by own mode of transport is indeed the best option.


After you cross Kanakpura, take a left at the next Y-section of the road. The board says Sangama which is the sangama of river Kaveri and Arkavati. Around 6kms before you reach Sangama, take a left to reach Chunchi falls. There is a signboard so you need not bother much about it. The distance from here is around 6 to 7Kms. After travelling around 6Kms, take a right from where the parking area is just half a KM. The road from here is not well maintained but you wouldn’t find any issue to drive.

From the parking area, you would need to walk around 1km on a mud road. The path is good enough to walk. On the way you get to see the canal.

Canal on the way to Chunchi falls
Canal on the way to Chunchi falls

After a walk of 1Km, you get a view of the falls and also hear the noise of the thunderous Chunchi falls. If you like some adventure, proceed to descend down to reach close to the falls. Descending in the big amazing rocks and ascending back to this place will also give you a short trekking experience. The path gets very difficult at some places. Hence avoid if you are travelling with a kid of elders.

Details of Chunchi Falls:

Distance: 90KMS from Bangalore

Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes to 2 hours



  • Travel early morning or late evening and only in monsoon or winter. Avoid this place during summer as the heat takes a beating and also the water will be less
  • Do not travel into the rocky section if you are travelling with kids or elderly person.
  • Carry a liter of water bottle as the charges are high
  • Avoid too much of adventurous near the falls.
  • Plan to visit Mekedaatu and Sangama to make your trip a more memorable one.
  • If you are visiting this place first and then plan to go to Mekedaatu, make sure you have your breakfast near Kanakpura. There are very less hotels after Kanakpura. There are small shops located near the parking area of Chunchi falls but there are not much options.
  • Eat Dosa at Davanagere Benne Dose on Kanakapura road